Modern Lace Dresses

Lace is a popular choice for wedding dresses. It never goes out of fashion, but trying to make it fresh and forward-facing for tomorrow’s brides is one of the fashion industries biggest challenges.

From 3D to crochet, A-line to Bohemian, there is a lace style for the modern bride looking to make a statement.

Sleek and bold, lace can be used in figure-hugging dresses to accentuate your figure. Instead of floral designs, the combination of straight lines and whorls elevates the lace from decoration to the star.

Lace can also be sexy and daring. Combining invisible lace with patterns creates a unique style for the bride who wants to show some flesh.

Lace is being used in different ways to embellish simple dress designs. The decoration of the one shoulder strap and the slit up the right leg draws the eye to the dresses features in a soft feminine manner.

Statement sleeves are a popular design feature for 2021. Incorporating your lace pattern through to your sleeves ties your look together.

Modern vintage-style lace dresses are ideal for bohemian brides looking for a relaxed style that is still full of glamour and elegance.

Lace is a romantic material; perhaps this is what it is best known for. Lace enhances dresses with subtly softening edges for a whimsical look for your wedding day.

Of course, a wedding dress doesn’t have to be covered in lace for it to be effective. Hints of lace can be as powerful in finishing your look as a full-body design.

Lace brings texture to a dress’s design, and this is especially true in dresses with 3D designs. The extra lines the 3D element produces stand out to the eye while still keeping your outline sleek.

Lace is such a versatile material that designers use it in exciting ways, making it easier for brides to find dresses that truly represent them.


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