More than Personalised Place Settings

Making your tables look good for your guests is an important task. You want to be as delighted as your guests when you sit down, even though you’re the one who organised it.

Today we’re looking at place settings. I always save the place cards from the weddings we’ve been to and keep them in a little box. To make your guests feel special, there are lots of options other than the standard cards for you to choose from. Here are some of my favourites.

You could argue that this is a traditional place setting, but the names are put on using foil which elevates them from a standard card. The colours of the card and foil can also be mixed and matched to make sure they fit your theme perfectly.

These gorgeous place cards are created from handmade paper and the names are handwritten. Simple, but elegant. A real labour of craftsmanship and love.

Laser cut stationery is very popular right now. You can have elaborate designs cut into your cards and make them a real work of art your guests will treasure.

Instead of cards, you can use these labels and attach them to your favours making them decorative and functional.

If you want to get your hands dirty, then these agate place cards are ideal. They’re blank so you can have the fun (or the stress!) of writing your guests’ names on yourself.

If you’re having a rustic wedding, then these name tags will fit with your style. Each one is individually engraved and you can choose the type of wood used.

Another natural option are these wooden discs which are handmade laser cut place names. You can have them in the original colour, or they can be painted, whichever gives them the biggest impact.

I love these ones for their 3D design. Rather than a card, the name is laser cut from wood or acrylic for something a little special.

And for the most special of place names, these place settings are cut from mirror acrylic. These are really special, a fantastic table decoration without you needing to do anything else.


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