Mother of the Bride

Being the mother of the bride is important and before we start looking at outfits, you deserve some credit.

It isn’t easy. You’re there for everything; the wedding dress hunt and fittings, the bridesmaid dresses, any panics that might arise. My mum had to deal with my meltdown when I realised we’d started writing out the all-day invitations on the evening only ones.

And somewhere in dealing with all that, you must find your own outfit. I’ve put together some tips to help take the stress out of it.


Interesting fact, the mother of the bride should wear the colour the bride has chosen for the main party. You can check with your daughter if this is something she’d like. If she does, and you’re happy with that, then that’s a stress removed straight away.

Image Source – John Lewis – Bruce Oldfield

Now, this may not work for you. My sister and I chose royal blue. My mum wouldn’t suit royal blue. If this is something you’re facing, then explain that. Or just don’t mention that you should be wearing the wedding party colour. Your daughter isn’t going to want you unhappy or uncomfortable at her wedding.

Image Source – John Lewis – Adrianna Papell


Your daughter’s wedding is not the place to try something new. It’s a long day, cameras everywhere and you want to look your best from the minute you arrive at the ceremony venue until you retire for the night. So, go for a style that you’re comfortable in.

Image source – John Lewis – Adrianna Papell 

Take the formality of the wedding into consideration. I got married in a church and my sister had her service at a town hall. Different styles of wedding have different dress codes and you can make this work for you. Personally, I love 50’s style dresses with V-neck and flared skirts. I know the style suits me and I can focus on other things than whether I look good. I know I do.

Image source – Debenhams

If you have a style you know works for you, whether it’s a maxi dress or an A-line skirt or even a trouser suit, then go for it.

Image source – Dorothy Perkins

Hats and Fascinators

Hats, or fascinators, are a must for a wedding, especially as the mother of the bride. You are a member of the wedding party with a clear role. Head-wear sets you apart from the rest of the guests. Plus, a wedding is one of the few places you can wear a hat or fascinator without raising any eyebrows. Why wouldn’t you want to go all out? Big or small, there will be the appropriate one for your style. Wherever you buy your outfit from will have the necessary accessories to complete your look.

Image Source – John Lewis

Image Source – Debenhams


I’m going to mention that word comfort again because this is important. If you’re comfortable, you’re relaxed. You’ll sparkle, and you’ll end the day with a smile of your face rather than glad to take your shoes off. Make sure you are 100% happy with whatever you’re wearing.

Image Source – Dorothy Perkins

Image Source – Debenhams

Image Source- Debenhams

Image Source – River Island

High Street Vs Boutique

All the pictures here are from high street stores. Follow the links and they’ll take you right to them. Style doesn’t have to come with a big price tag. And these shops are in the high street as well as online, making it easy for you to plan in advance what to look for.

However, as with everything in life, you pay for what you get, and there is an exclusivity that comes from using a boutique over high street stores. There is very little risk that someone has the same outfit as you.

My advice is to try both and see what takes your eye. Also, if there is a personal shopper facility available, take advantage of it. Rather than you trawling through rows and rows of clothes, someone else does it for you. And they won’t just stop at clothes. They’ll also help you accessorise. It’s a win-win situation.