Mothers of the Wedding Couple

With a new season comes a new range of delightful choices for mothers of the wedding couple. Whether it’s your daughter getting married or your son, it’s important to feel comfortable and look fabulous as well. Here are some of the best outfits for you if your child is getting married this spring or summer.


For a formal wedding it’s best to opt for a more traditional style. The good thing is traditional mother of the bride or groom outfits have been given a contemporary revamp.

The traditional outfits are more figure loving than before, revelling in your curves rather than hiding them under layers of stiff material.

You’re also not restricted on colours either. You can choose from pastels or bold colours, patterned or one colour. Both work equally well for spring and summer weddings, capturing the essence of the seasons.


Not every couple wants a formal wedding, so embrace that and look at alternatives to the traditional style.

These modern outfits are playful and relaxed. They’re perfect for informal weddings or civil ceremonies.

They are also ideal if you want to change for the evening party of the day. Instead of staying in the same outfit all day, you could have a contemporary style for later on.


Of course, no one says you have to wear a dress. For an ultra-modern look why not ditch the skirt all together and opt for trousers.

They will work for either a formal or a modern wedding. A long coat will elongate your frame making you appear taller.

Trouser suits and jumpsuits are both flattering and chic, and incredibly feminine. They fit all types of weddings and weather because let’s not forget, this is Britain. Unpredictable weather is the only predictable thing we have.


For a bold, stylish choice, opt for black. Black is not just for funerals. You can wear it for any occasion and that does include weddings. These outfits are glamorous and timelessly classic, just right for a celebration.