Naked Wedding Cakes

Naked Wedding Cakes

If you are looking for some wedding cake inspiration, I have chosen to highlight one of the most popular current trends  – the naked wedding cake. A relative newcomer on the wedding cake scene, it has certainly increased in popularity in the last few years.

So what exactly is a naked wedding cake?

It’s basically an undressed cake, made of sponge layers sandwiched together.

The semi – naked cake has a very thin layer of buttercream icing, with a hint of sponge showing through.

The cake can then be beautifully decorated with fresh flowers or fruit for a simply stunning effect.

Here are some examples to tempt you. . .Spring Naked Wedding Cake

This is a very simple but beautiful design, vanilla sponge cake layers, adorned with fresh flowers and foliage. . . perfect for a spring wedding.

Strawberry Naked Wedding Cake

This would be perfect for a summer wedding, after all who doesn’t love strawberries?

Intermingled with foliage and delicate white jasmine, it’s as pretty as a picture!

Chocolate Semi Naked Cake

This is a very tempting rich chocolate cake, with a dark chocolate drip for dramatic effect.

Fresh flowers complete the design beautifully.

Multi flavoured Naked Cake

If you are finding it difficult to choose a flavour, why not go for several!

This fabulous design combines chocolate, lemon, carrot and vanilla sponges for the ultimate naked cake.

Naked Cake With A Topper

This is an example of an added topper to personalise your cake for extra visual effect.

Individual Naked Cakes

Why not choose to have a tower of individual mini cakes for your guests – this option looks great visually, and involves no cake cutting!


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