Our Best Friends

We are a nation of dog lovers. They’re our best friends. We treat them like children. They are a huge part of our family and they’re always there for us no matter what. So, it’s only natural that we’d want to have them at our wedding day. If this is you, if the thought of not having your canine pals at your big day is too much, here are some ways to make it stress free for you and, more importantly, for them.

First Rule

To me, the first rule of having your dog at your wedding is don’t make them do anything they don’t want.

Thinking about this logically, there are going to be lots of people at your wedding. If your dog can’t handle crowds, then reconsider. It isn’t fair on you or them to put them through such a stressful situation. If this isn’t going to be a problem the read on.

The Aisle

If your venue allows, you can have your dog walk down the aisle with you. They can take the place of a groomsman or a bridesmaid. You could even use them as ring bearers if you trust them not to run away or eat them!


If your dog is used to wearing outfits, then there is a whole wardrobe you can choose from. Whether it’s a plain simple bow, or a full waistcoat or bridesmaid dress, you will find something that suits your dog’s preferences, again this is all about them and not you, and include them in your day.


An easy way to have your dog at the wedding is to have them for the pictures. Let your photographer know this is what you want and set aside some quiet time away from the crowds where they can be their natural selves with you without the hype and over-excitement of the day.

Final Rule

Don’t forget about your dog/s during the day. Make sure they are provided for, water, food, comfort breaks. They will need the toilet, and someone is going to have to clean up after them. Is this something you want to do in your wedding dress? If not, you need to find a friend who loves you as much your dog does and who is willing to clean up the mess in their wedding clothes.