Outdoor Eating Experiences

If you’re looking to make the most of the outdoor space available at Capesthorne Hall, you can serve your wedding food outside.


You can still have a formal sit down meal even if you are sitting outside. Using trestle or portable tables, you can have a traditional seating plan outside enjoying the sun and the magnificent gardens at Capesthorne Hall.BBQ

For a less formal, more relaxed meal, then a barbeque or hog roast style meal is the way forward. The style of cooking is designed for the outdoors, so what could be more natural than grabbing a plate and sitting on the grass or picnic table to eat?

This is a very social type of eating, lending itself to no strict seating plan and much mingling. It is the perfect meal style for when restrictions on gatherings are lifted.

Afternoon Tea

What could be more British than afternoon tea to celebrate a wedding? The West Lawn in front of our Drawing Room is the perfect place to sit and have afternoon tea. This is perfect for intimate gatherings where less is more.Food Vans

And you can still eat outside in the evening. Food vans come in all shapes and sizes from pizza vans with ovens in the back, to street food vendors from around the world, and even a good old fish and chip van.

Whether you pick one van or a couple to cater to all tastes, they’re sure to draw your guests outside and enjoy the evening and the splendid gardens we have to offer.

Things to Remember

This is Britain, and our weather can change at a moments notice. Make sure you have gazebos or teepees you can use for cover if you need them.


It’s essential to make sure you have appropriate seating for your guests. Anyone with back or hip problems might need more solid seating than a bench. Having some cushions available is also a great idea.


Some people feel the temperature more than others, like me, I will get cold as soon as the sun goes in. If you’re planning to serve your evening buffet outside, then having a few blankets for your guests to use will keep them outside enjoying the evening longer.


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