Outdoor Entertainment

I’m a forward-looking person. As the weather starts to turn grey and dark, I look towards spring. So today I want to look at the types of outdoor activities and entertainment you can have at Capesthorne Hall for your wedding guests. My motto is if we plan for it, then it won’t hold us back.

A Scavenger Hunt

Here at Capesthorne, you get access to our spacious grounds when you hire the Hall. A scavenger hunt that uses the gardens means you will get the most out of our venue. It is something that can be adapted depending on the current social distancing rules.

A letter hunt takes the individual letters of a meaningful word or phrase (like the newlyweds’ names) and mixes them up. People have to find the letters and work out the jumbled phrase to win a prize or possibly just the kudos of being first. By having the clues somewhere people can see without crowding together, you are keeping it safe for people.

Video Mapping

Video mapping is the process of using the walls of your venue as a cinema screen. You can play videos from key points in your relationship as background entertainment while people are eating or doing their speeches. You could also project the speeches on them to make sure everyone can see.

Another way to use video mapping at your wedding is to ask any loved ones who cannot be at the wedding to record a short video. These videos can be linked together and played outside for everyone to enjoy.Magician

You can still have entertainers at your wedding without them impacting your numbers. A magic act is something different and will surprise your guests. Use a stage to elevate your magician, or even have them filmed and projected using video mapping—that way people can watch without breaking any family bubbles.

Team games

Over 2020, a passion for quizzes has gripped the nation. You can use this at your wedding by running your own wedding quiz. It could cover many topics from personal questions to see how well your friends know you (all in the name of fun), trivia about weddings or just general knowledge.

Another idea is Pictionary or Charades. These games can be played at a distance and, to break the ice, the married couple should go first!


Nothing is more spectacular than ending your day with a fantastic firework display. It’s a satisfying conclusion and comes with maximum wow-factor.

Of course, we could get to 2021 and there’ll be no need to socially distance anymore, or we’ll be able to have more of our weddings inside. Even if that is the case, these ideas can be adapted to be brought inside. Except for the fireworks, of course.


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