Page Boys and Flower Girls

There is no doubt about it, page boys and flower girls at a wedding effortlessly have the cute factor. That said, it’s not always an easy task selecting their attire and making sure they feel an important part of a wedding. If not given some thought, the result can easily be some very cute but very miserable looking little boys and girls!

Here are 4 fool proof outfits and ways in which to make your page boys and flower girls feel a special part of your wedding day:

Floaty Flower Girls

The sheath dress and hair garland for flower girls is a winner every time. It hardly matters what colour dress you go for, they always look adorable. We recommend Agape Bridal Boutique for bespoke flower girl dresses.

Bow Tied Boys

Again, little bow ties (and braces) on boys rarely fails to help them look the part. In the summer, keep them comfortable in a pair of smart shorts. How about mixing and matching their whole ensemble of shirt, braces, trousers and bow ties with a mesh of patterns and colours. We recommend Zara Kids for a great selection of braces and bow ties for boys.

The Full Monty

Interestingly, when it comes to little people, they can get away with ‘fancier’ attire far more than us adults can! If your little ones love playing dress up, why not go the whole hog and opt for traditional dresses, or tulle-tutu skirts, or even layers of frills. We also love this chic little fur gillet for a winter wedding.


Initially an American wedding pastime but catching on here in the UK is the idea of flower girls and/or page boys walking down the aisle preceding the couple with a sign. Be it comical or sentimental, this is a great way to make your flower girls and page boys feel really special and included.