Pantone Synergy Palette

If you’ve gotten engaged this year, then the chances are you’re looking at a 2021 wedding due to the Coronavirus lock-down, so here is some fantastic news; the Pantone Synergy Palette has been released and it’s the colour palette to watch for 2021.

Synergy is a peaceful, nurturing collection of colours that are both soothing and reinvigorating. Using Botanical Green as the bold base, the other colours capture our imagination for how they stand out and combine into something magical.

(photo credit Beryl Green @oldsaab, Botanic Green @xsstockcom, Aqua Haze @kaymanta)


There are two other greens in the palette, Beryl Green and Aqua Haze which contrast Botanic Green while also blending, and nothing is more refreshing and relaxing than green. It is the perfect colour for your base while using lighter shades for contrast.

(photo credit Harbor Blue @gymogrid and Captain’s Blue @vanity_store_mc)


Greens and blues are sublime colours that, despite rumour that they should never be seen together, work really well in a blend. Harbor Blue is in that middle ground between blue and green, while Captain’s Blue is the shade that brings the purples into the palette effortlessly.

(photo credit Elderberry @TheKnitStitch, Heirloom Lilac, and Filmy Ted Baker)


The three purples that finish the palette are whimsical and capture the imagination. Elderberry, Heirloom Lilac, and Filmy bring elements of drama to the grouping without being obtrusive thanks to the blues which bring everything together.

(Photo credit @_momocom_ and @radice_radice_radice)


There are many ways that these colours can be used in your wedding. Flowers are an obvious choice by going heavy on the foliage and using pale or vintage-style flowers for an eye-catching arrangement.

(photo credit Ever Pretty1, Ever Pretty 2, and Dorothy Perkins)

Bridesmaid dresses

Bridesmaid dresses are also another way you can use the palette for your wedding, whether you use all the colours depending on what shades work well for your bridesmaids or just pick one or two to act as a contrast if you’re relying one Botanic Green for the base colour in your decoration and table settings.

(photo credit Zazzle 1, GorgeousInvites, cerishpaperco, and ElleBeeDesignUK)


And finally, if you’re going to use this palette, you need to use it in the first part of your wedding so your friends and family will see; the invitations. I always say that invitations set the tone of your wedding and should show your colours. You will be able to tie the rest of your stationary in with the invites giving your wedding a peaceful and forward-focused feeling.

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