Perfect Hen Party Planning

So, responsibility for organising the hen do has landed on you. Before you go all out and book tickets to Las Vegas, here are some top tips for perfect hen party planning!

Ask the Bride

Get a general feel for what the bride wants. She may want more than one party so she can invite different people, like one for her bridesmaids and one she can include her mum and grandma in.

Whose Hen Party?

This may sound obvious, but it isn’t your hen party. It’s the bride’s. Don’t book your dream hen party. The bride isn’t going to thank you for organising a quad biking day if she’s a spa kind of gal.

Communication is Key

In organising any event, you’ll need to share the plans with everyone without the bride finding out. Social media is great for this, provided everyone uses it. Whatever method you choose, make sure everyone has access to it.

Check Timings

Say your bride wants a weekend in York? Great. What could be easier? When you start identifying dates, look at events already planned in the location. If there’s something else happening the same weekend it could push up hotel prices as well as reduce availability.


The same can be said for going abroad. Check school holiday dates because these can affect costs. Plus, no one wants children running around while you’re chilling by the pool.

Keep Your Cool

You’re In Charge, and people like answers from the person In Charge. Be prepared to be asked the same questions repeatedly. Just smile through your frustration. It will be worth it.

Be Sensitive

Also, people’s circumstances might change. Babies, house moves, new/lost jobs, illness. Any of these could happen and stop someone joining in. Accept it and move on. The bride isn’t going to thank you if you alienate her friends and family.

Be Realistic

This one is for you. Circumstances can change for you too. Don’t take on more than you can reasonably organise, and if it comes to it, delegate. There is no shame in reaching out for extra help so everything runs as smoothly as possible.


This might seem like a lot but if you keep these things in mind everyone will have a great time, including you! There are also plenty of websites which take the stress out of organising the perfect hen party including GoHen and Trivago*.

*other websites are also available

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