Picking Your Maid of Honour

Being a maid of honour is an important responsibility. You might have a few ladies in mind or be struggling to choose someone. Before you start panicking, here is a list of their duties. Chances are, once you’ve considered these, picking your maid of honour will be the easiest decision you’ve ever made.


You don’t have to do everything on your own. Your maid of honour can be drafted in to help. She can make appointments of your behalf, attend wedding fayres with you and keep you grounded when you get carried away or bogged down with the detail.

Hen Party

This is her most well-known responsibility. She will get hold of all your friends and plan something memorable for your hen party whether it is afternoon tea and a spa day or a weekend in Ibiza. And because you’ve chosen well, your maid of honour will know which one of those you prefer!

Holding Your Bouquet

Most of her duties are in the church. She will lead your other bridesmaids down the aisle. She will also hold your bouquet and order of service as well as arranging your skirts should they need it. It’s her job to keep you looking your best and clutter-free.

Be Your Witness

You need two witnesses for your wedding. You can choose whoever you want, but traditionally they are your best man and maid of honour, who are also supposed to share the first dance together while you are with your husband. Make sure she’s aware of that!

Delicate Matters

At some point you’re going to need the bathroom and, depending on your dress, you may need a little help. Your maid of honour can hold your skirts while you’re in the bathroom and make sure nothing is tucked anywhere embarrassing when you leave!!

Keep You Calm

And above everything else, it is your maid of honour’s job to keep you calm. Whether it’s changing your mind about your dress or fretting over the seating plan, she’ll talk you down.


Going through that list of everything I’m sure one name presents itself above all others. In fact, she was probably the first woman you thought of but at least now you’re certain.

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