Planning Your Own Virtual Wedding Fair

2020 keeps getting stranger and stranger, and we’re always adapting to new restrictions or measures put in place. Unfortunately, it means wedding fairs haven’t happened this year, which is a real shame.

Wedding fairs are a great way of making serious headway in your wedding plans. You get to see what’s on-trend for the coming year, chat with suppliers and get some inspiration.

But if 2020 has taught me anything, it’s resilience, so I’ve been thinking of ways you can have your own wedding fair from your sofa with a small amount of planning.

The internet has always been our friend when it comes to narrowing down our options. Start by looking at the local wedding venues in the area and finding their preferred supplier list. Capesthorne Hall’s list is here. You can use this, as well as any recommendations from friends and family, to create your own list of suppliers to research.

Next, find those suppliers on Instagram and Facebook. Since lock-down started, social media sites have become essential for suppliers to showcase their products. You will find pictures and videos, as well as reviews from other couples, which will help you produce a focused shortlist.

Suppliers are also doing live videos which are fantastic because you can watch along with other brides-to-be. You can ask the supplier questions and see their responses to other queries as well as your own. You will also get a good feel for the suppliers through their videos, particularly if they are live. How they handle a mistake, something that’s guaranteed if you’re doing something live will tell you a lot about someone.

For that authentic wedding fair feel, you need a few items. The first thing is a date set aside for you to dedicate to watching videos and making decisions. The second is a glass of your favourite tipple, and maybe some of your favourite snacks. Thirdly, you need something to make notes on, so you don’t forget anything.

The final thing maybe a little harder to organise. We don’t go to wedding fairs on our own. We take our partners, family and friends. So, if you have multiple devices available, you could have your support group on a video conference while you all watch the same social media broadcast. If that’s not possible, then you can always share the links and catch up afterwards.

It may not be a traditional wedding fair, but it is a fun way to get ahead of your wedding planning.


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