Princess Tiaras

Princess tiaras are becoming increasingly popular for 19/20 brides. We’ve had lots of royal and high-profile weddings where the bride has used this type of tiara.

It’s a royal touch all brides can have. It has quite a distinctive shape, like a miniature crown it gradually rises to a peak in the centre like a coronet. They are quite formal, but that shouldn’t stop you wearing one. The only wedding they may look out of place at is a bohemian wedding where a natural crown is more fitting.

This statement piece takes the crown aspect of the tiara and uses it as the main theme. It will give you height as well as glamour.

Made with Swarovski Crystals and pearls, this tiara has a romantic, classic look. Perfect for any princess bride.

This tiara is perfect for tied up hair styles as the elaborate and formal pattern continues along the side.

A delicate example of the style, this tiara has curls and leaves made from little solitaire stones. It has a vintage feel for a classical look.

Still in the princess style, this tiara takes inspiration from the elaborate designs of Renaissance jewellery with floral patterns set among vines and gold enamelled leaves.

If you loved Meghan Markle’s style of a simple statement dress with an elaborate eye-catching tiara, then this is the one for you. This replica is created with rhinestones, meaning royal glamour is achievable for all budgets.

If they all seem like a little too much, then this is a princess style tiara with diamantes and pearls with a vintage style.  Ideal if there is also detail on your dress because they will complement one another rather than compete for attention.

Blending bohemian elements with the princess style of gradating height, this is a playful example reminiscent of Queen Elsa from Disney’s Frozen, and I love it because it’s different from the norm while still honouring the style.

An important piece of advice when wearing your tiara is to make sure your hair style is appropriate. You can’t just having your normal hair style with a tiara and hope no one notices, because they will. Whether it’s a sleek style that gathers your hair in a bun at the back, or loose curls, make sure your hair and tiara compliment each other for the ultimate wedding chic.

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