Questions To Ask

Key Questions To Ask Your Wedding Venue – Part Two

Continuing from our previous blog, here we look at the key information you need when planning your ceremony and reception.

Do You Have Recommended Suppliers?

Most venues will provide you with a list of their recommended suppliers who they regularly work with and trust.

First and foremost being the caterers, but it can be helpful to have details of other suppliers, such as florists, musicians, and venue dressers who have experience of working at your chosen venue, and who are tried and tested.Is There An Area For The Bride To Get Ready?

If you are not staying on site the night before the wedding, you may wish to arrive early and have your hair and make up done at the venue.

Here at Capesthorne Hall we have a dedicated Make Up Room for this purpose if required, we also have a dressing room with en-suite within the hall itself exclusively for the bride to use throughout the day.

What Is The Changeover Plan From Ceremony To Reception?

If your ceremony and reception are taking place in the same room, ask about what will happen when the room is changed over and how long it will take – is there another area for your guests to mingle and have drinks while this is taking place?

Similarly,  ask where will your guests be accommodated while your evening reception is being set up.

Can You Accommodate a Live Band or DJ?

This is crucial if you are set on having a live band, ask where they will be able to set up and what time they can arrive from.

Is there an area for them to  store their equipment?

Ask if the venue has a sound limit, this is simply a maximum volume that the band are allowed to play to, most professional bands will be able to tailor their volume to fit in with this limit.

What Time Will Our Evening Reception Need To Finish?

You need to ask this before you send out your invitations and book your suppliers, you may be able to extend your evening reception at an additional cost.

Ask what time the bar will stop service, it will usually be half an hour before the finishing time.

Do You Allow Fireworks?

You may wish to have an evening firework display, check this permitted with your wedding coordinator, if the answer is yes they will probably have a lighting and display contact with experience of arranging this at your venue.


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