Romantic Wedding Cakes

We are one step closer to Pre-Covid weddings. The only restrictions on number come from your venue’s capacity and how many people they can hold while still meeting social distancing guidelines.

In the past, I have recommended reducing your cake size to cater to your smaller guest list and minimise waste. Now, we can go back to bigger, more ornate cakes perfect for romantic weddings.

Colour is a big part of creating an atmosphere, so when designing a romantic cake, opt for light pastels. Pinks are a popular choice, but pastel blue contrasted with pinks and other soft colours work just as well.

Soft edges and folds are a common design feature as they blur edges for a whimsical outline. This cake uses icing to create the illusion of ribbon, which has a definite wow factor and won’t look out of place in a romantic themed wedding.

Flowers are another staple of romantic cakes because what is more romantic than having your favourite flowers or your bouquet blooms on your cake. You can use them on each tier or have them spiral around your cake to blend any sharp edges. Whether you have real or icing flowers, the effect will be equally as dazzling.

And don’t feel obliged to have formal blooms either. For a rustic or bohemian wedding, summer meadow flowers are more in keeping with your theme. They stand out for their simplicity with a freshness that is unique to these flowers.

This eye-catching example uses both ribbon-like folds and flowers in a revealed-inside design along with pearly beads running down the cake. The effect is quite striking and in line with your dreamy, romantic wedding.

After all this time of mini-monies and micro weddings, it’s time to celebrate us all being back together. Match your cake to the occasion with a stunning display of your love using gold leaf for maximum impact.


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