Same Sex Wedding

What if, at your wedding, there are two brides. Or two grooms. You want a style to complement your partner while still doing you. Here are some fabulous ideas to inspire you both if yours is a same sex wedding.

Don’t think that just because there are two women getting married, you both can’t have the wedding dress of your dreams. You can have similar styles or completely different ones to suit your frame. It doesn’t matter because you will both look amazing.

There is an option to keep things semi-traditional if this style is your preference with one of you in a trouser suit. Of course, you can both wear trouser suits for an ultra-modern chic look. It’s all about what works for you and your partners.

There are options for colour as well. You don’t have to opt for a traditional wedding dress, you can have the same dress but in different colours whether you contrast your colours, like black and white, and similar or complimentary shades.

This use of colours to represent your personality works just as well for men’s suits. Tuxedos come in more colours than just black, although there is something very special about men in black tuxedos.

If tuxedos are too formal, then suits of similar styles but different colours are a perfect alternative.

And traditional morning suits are an option too. It is the classic wedding look, so if that’s the style of wedding you want, then this style is an absolute must.

Bohemian styles are ideal for relaxed weddings if you want something different from a formal. The most important thing is to do you. After all, this is your wedding, a statement of your commitment to each other, so you must keep it real to your relationship. The best part is, there are lots of fashion options for you to explore until you find your perfect dress or suit.

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