Savoury Cakes

Not everyone has a sweet tooth, or maybe you want two cakes, one traditional sweet cake and one a little different so your guests have a choice. Here are some great ideas of savoury cakes, or if you just want a wedding cake that stands out for all the right reasons.

Starting with the tastiest, in my opinion, and maybe the most obvious, a cheesecake. And no, I don’t mean one with a buttery biscuit base. I mean a cake whose layers are made up of different cheese wheels. Personally, I’m hungry just thinking about it.

Because cheese wheels are obviously the same shape as a round cake, with the right decoration, your cake can fool people right up until they come to get some dessert.

And there are so many different types of cheese, it won’t be difficult to have as many tiers as you want. The only trouble you’ll have is deciding when to stop.

Other circular delights are pies and there are two ways you can play this; fruit or savoury. Or a combination of the two. Yum.

You could use the savoury pies as the main meal for guests to choose what they want or all fruit pies as dessert, or both.

This example combines pies and cheese which is just my idea of heaven.

Other interesting ideas for consideration are bread cakes like this focaccia one. If you’re having a Mediterranean wedding, then you can use this bread which will fit your theme and everyone loves a good bit of bread to wipe up any leftover sauce.

Of course, you don’t have to forgo a sponge wedding cake in favour of one of these. If you fancy a cheese board then you can present your cheeses in this style for an eye-catching display.

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