Second Anniversaries

It’s coming up to my two-year anniversary of doing these blogs, which makes me ask the question we all ask at times like this; where did the time go?

If some of you are coming up to an anniversary too and if you’re looking for some first anniversary inspiration then here’s my blog from last year. But as this is my second year, I’m looking at how to celebrate your second anniversary because in my opinion every anniversary is as important as the first.

There are two options when it comes to anniversary gifts for a second anniversary; the traditional cotton which represents the need for a marriage to remain strong, whilst also being adaptable, and the more modern china or porcelain.

Before you count cotton out as all bed sheets and shirts there are alternatives.

This is a large wall decoration with your names and the date of your wedding in an eternity symbol which symbolises everlasting love.

For those cold winter nights, nothing is better to snuggle up together with than this blanket with the date and your names on it.

Cotton is extremely versatile and can be used as a material for jewellery like this bracelet. It’s cute, discreet, and romantic.

Playful presents include these socks and I like the idea of the sentiment to go with them. They come in mens and womens so you can both have them.

Of course, there are ideas other than cotton or increasing your china dinner service.

I love this card. It might seem cold breaking down just how long you’ve been married for but you need to celebrate every second because some of those were tough and you made it through them anyway.

I love playful presents, but personally I prefer useful presents. I’m just that kind of practical person. These cuff-links cover both bases. With their real bit of cotton, they tick the traditional box and they have a use. Double tick. And they are fun. Triple tick.

And for travelling couples who want to explore the world, here is a cotton push pin map to mark all the places you have been.

I love looking at anniversary gifts, there are so many innovative ways that creative people use their skills to help us show our loved ones that we care. It’s important to take time out of our hectic lives to show our partner how much we appreciate them being there, even if we forget to say it. I hope you’ve found some inspiration.