Sequel Wedding Invites

Your sequel wedding is the second part of your wedding. The legal part of your wedding has happened; whether that’s in a registry office, church or licenced venue like Capesthorne Hall, the only thing left to do is party.

The wording for your sequel wedding invitations will be different to those for a standard wedding. It’s worth knowing what those changes are to make sure your guests aren’t surprised when they arrive.Who is it from?

For a full wedding, it is usually the bride’s parents inviting the guests, although there are variations on this depending on family dynamics. This is still an option, but for a sequel wedding, the invitation usually comes from the married couple for sequel weddings.Wording

You should make it clear that this is the party part of the wedding. There are a few ways you could do that. Here are some options to inspire you from formal to very relaxed.

  • “Simon and Denise were married on 21st September 2020. The new Mr and Mrs Jones would like to invite you to the celebration of their marriage.”
  • “The pleasure of your company is requested to celebrate our marriage.”
  • “We got hitched!! Now, let’s a party!”

You can also play on the fact that Covid-19 restrictions have lifted depending on the style and formality of your planned day.


Sequel weddings are new territory for most people, so make sure you include what they can expect on the day.

If you want a dress code, let people know so they can organise the appropriate outfit. You need to do the same if there will be a photographer present.

And let people know what you are doing about food. Ultimately, you might decide to skip the sitdown meal and go straight to a disco with a buffet. After all, wedding breakfasts are not mandatory for sequel weddings.

Whatever you choose, you will need to pass on any dietary requirements to your caterers in advance, which is why it should be included in your invitations.

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