Short Summer Wedding Skirts

When the weather turns nice, we look to ways of keeping cool while still look fabulous. As a summer bride, not overheating is something you must consider when choosing your dress.

Certain fabrics are heavier than others, and invisible lace is preferable for sleeves and backs. There are other options for keeping you fresh on your wedding day, such as having a shorter dress.

Dress length ranges from mini to mid-calf, meaning there is a dress for all wedding styles. Short with clean lines for an ultra-modern wedding, tea dress for vintage or formal, and knee-length for romantic, whimsical weddings.

You should look for dresses made of chiffon, silk, and lightweight satin’s for the summer months. If you want a heavier fabric, then look to incorporate invisible lace on your back or sleeves (if you’re having sleeves) to keep your temperature down. Light, breathable fabrics will keep you fresh all day.

Your dress style will affect how cool you are. Something fitted will be warmer than free-flowing. However, if you want a mermaid style dress and show off your curves, make sure it’s using lighter fabrics for your comfort.

But you also want to keep your skirt layers to a minimum. You can still create volume by using a discreet hoop in the hem of your skirt to keep material off your legs and give you movement when you walk or dance.

Our feet play an important part in regulating our body temperature, so open-toed shoes are preferable over closed shoes or boots for summer weddings. Open-toed shoes are also the perfect excuse for a bridal pedicure!

However, this is England, and even in summer, we can’t guarantee the weather, so it is always best to have a backup plan. A stole or shawl will provide dual cover for your shoulders and back, both from burning or getting cold, depending on what the sun decides to do.

A pair of sheer tights are the ideal thing for added protection for your legs. You can get seamless tights that don’t show at the toes, meaning you don’t need two pairs of wedding shoes to match the weather. Not unless you want two pairs, of course!


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