Slinky Silhouettes

Isn’t the dress below beautiful? It came to me in a newsletter from Jenny Packham highlighting the trend for slinky silhouettes. Now, I’m more of a princess style gown, big skirts with lots of layers, but this one struck me as elegant and glamourous. So, I’m dedicating this blog to all those gorgeous figure-hugging dresses.

These dresses are perfect examples of maximum impact with minimum material. The simple clean lines celebrate your figure, whether that is your chest or your hips. And, for us shorter ladies, figure-hugging dresses make us appear taller.

If you choose a hair style that keeps your hair off your shoulders and neck, then your profile continues super sleek and sexy. This is a very modern look for today’s brides.

A thing I noticed researching silhouette dresses, is their minimal embellishment making them bold choices. For some, there are simple belts or lace highlights, but there is no heavy beading or 3D design which could take the eye away from you.

These dresses are playful and confident. Because there’s no heavy skirts or tight bodices, you have freedom to move, to play, to dance which is important for you to get the most out of your wedding day. You don’t want to be stuck in a corner because you can’t move!

Veils will accentuate your profile, a barely-there cover which won’t detract from the look you want. Your figure will still be the focal point and your veil ties it all together.

These dresses also feel modest. If you’re having a simple wedding, then this style of dress will work because of its clean lines. They are also the dress of choice for a chic, contemporary wedding or a vintage 1920’s/1930’s style wedding.

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