Something Blue for Your Wedding

There are many traditions about weddings, such as the couple not seeing each other on the morning, the bride wearing white or having a six pence in her shoe. For traditionalists, some of these are easier to work into your wedding than others. Today, we’re looking at how to work in having something blue for your wedding day.


This is perhaps the easiest to achieve is incorporating blue stones into your jewellery. Whether you opt for sapphires, blue crystals or other gemstones, you can find some stunning jewellery that will enhance your look.

Subtle hints will act as focal points to draw attention to your jewellery, bringing it into the limelight rather than fading into the background.


Another easy way to use blue is in your flowers. There are a couple of ways you could do this. The first is to have your florist dye white flowers blue, such as roses, carnations or lilies. The shade can be set to match your colours, so pastel blues for a romantic wedding, brighter colours for a modern one.

But don’t forget naturally blue country garden flowers like hyacinth, hydrangea, lavender and thistles. These have their places in bouquets for romantic and bohemian weddings.


A fun way to bring blue into your outfit is to wear blue shoes. They are a bold, unmissable statement and very playful. You won’t be restricted in choice either. Most wedding shoe designers will be able to dye the shoes in the shade you want.Underwear

If you’re after something playful but discreet, then blue elements in your underwear are the way to go. The material and size of your dress will have an impact on how blue you can go. If you have a sheer, figure-hugging trumpet dress, then blue underwear is the wrong choice. However, a princess dress will hide many things under those skirts, including briefs.

Another option is a garter. You will have no trouble finding a beautiful blue garter designed with the tradition-following bride in mind, which can be incorporated into your pictures if you so wish.


If you want to go big, then choose blue as your main colour for your theme. This is a particularly good choice if it is your favourite colours as it allows you to get away with doing everything blue, including your bridesmaid, cake, grooms waistcoat.


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