Spring / Summer 2021 Core Colours

Looking forward to spring/summer 2021, the Pantone Colour Institute has compiled a list of colours they’re expecting to see on the runway for New York Fashion Week. This is always exciting, as it is a sneak preview of what colours will be on-trend giving brides chance to co-ordinate their wedding appropriately.

There are always core classics that Pantone expect to see. These neutral shades go beyond the season due to their versatility, and you can use them as base colours to build on for your big day.


This is an incredibly deep blue, almost black, ideal for a dramatic background. Its depth of colour will draw the eye and can be blended with other blues or lighter colours for contrast.

Desert Mist

This colour evokes images of shifting sands. It’s a warm colour, natural and gentle, a perfect colour to blend with shades of pinks or to put in the spotlight in a bohemian wedding.


Hidden under a canopy of green, the browns of the trunk are just as peaceful as the greens. Another natural colour, it works well with Desert Mist and Buttercream below for a bohemian or Japandi style wedding.

Ultimate Grey

Grey is a reliable colour, a solid base that works well for morning suits and has even become a popular colour for cakes with hints of gold for contrast. It’s stone connotations make it an ideal shade to blend in amongst greens.


Buttercream is an effortless off-white, warm and comforting. It can be used as a shade in a pastel palette as well as a contrast colour among other more vibrant colours.

While each of these shades works well as a solid base to build on, they also work well together, giving you the perfect palate for a wedding focusing on nature. 2020 has taught us the need to be flexible, and these colours represent that ideology moving forward into our everyday.

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