Standout Cake Ideas

Cakes are one of the main talking points at a wedding. When people arrive at your reception venue, they look for your cake. Countless photos are taken of it before, during and after the formal cutting, so you want something that not only tastes amazing but looks fantastic too. Luckily there are plenty of ways to make your cake stand out.


For a cake that’s a cut above the rest, opt for another shape than circular. Geometrically shaped cakes such as hexagonal, cuboid, or pyramid offer great bases for decoration and reduction as you go up the tiers. You can always mix and match shapes for a truly unique cake.



As well as angular shapes, geometric patterns on your cake produce unusual textures, different from standard wedding cake designs. Geometric patterns also work for a 1920’s inspired wedding cake.Colours

Think outside the usual palette for your cake colour too. It’s a great way to incorporate your theme colour into your cake, especially if it is a bold choice. You can pick out tiny details on your cake or use it for a whole tier. Both are effective and eye-catching.Splits

A popular trend in cakes is for splits. With sides burst open, revealing a magical inside these cakes breathtaking works of art. You can be creative with the insides, whether it’s your favourite superhero symbols or your favourite blooms for a cake that reflects your personalities and relationships.


But why have one big cake when you can have cake pops instead? Cake pops are very fashionable, using cake mix and buttercream to create the perfect shape. Playing with this theme, having individual ice lolly shaped cake pops also uses illusion techniques, creates the perfect mini cakes for a summer wedding.


Finally, use fairy lights in between your tiers for extra magic. Imagine the effect when the lights go down for your first dance, and your cake is glowing in the background. Having used space between your cake also makes it appear taller and maximises the wow factor.


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