Summer Cocktails

If you’re looking for some inspiration for summer cocktails, then look no further. Here is a collection of refreshing and summery drinks for you to enjoy at your wedding. And of course, you have to try them all out before making your final decision!


Let’s start with some fizz because all great things should start with fizz. I’m partial to a glass or two of prosecco myself and with strawberries coming into season, it a win-win.


1tsp sugar

A squeeze of lemon juice

125ml of prosecco


Is there anything more quintessentially summer than a classic Pimm’s? I think not. And if you don’t know how to make one, here are the ingredients.

50ml Pimm’s No 1

150ml lemonade

Fresh mint leaves




Lots of ice!

Pina Colada

If you tell me you’re not humming the song, then you’re either lying or you’ve never seen Shrek. That aside, this is a refreshing, tropical drink perfect for summer afternoons.

120ml pineapple juice

60ml white rum

60ml coconut cream

Wedge of pineapple for decoration

Cuba Libre

This is an upgrade from your usual rum and coke. Plus, it’s really simple. Just add a splash of lime and enjoy.


Another perfect summer drink. Great to serve for your guests when they arrive at Capesthorne Hall and you’re having your pictures taken around our stunning grounds.

3 parts red wine

1 part orange juice

2 parts lemonade


Fresh mint

Sliced oranges and lemons.

Strawberry Daiquiri

I have a soft spot for strawberry daiquiri’s. My husband just can’t pronounce daiquiri no matter how many times we go over it. It’s a bit of a joke now and if it’s ever on a menu, we have to have it.

60ml white rum

Frozen strawberries

2 tbsp lime juice


Lots of ice

Mango Mojito

In our house, there’s always a fight for mango. Here is a great way of keeping mango for adults only.

2oz white rum

2oz club soda

Lime bitters

Fresh lime juice


Mint leaves


Malibu Sunset

A twist on the traditional Tequila Sunrise is the Malibu Sunset. All you need to do is swap out the Tequila for rum. It doesn’t have to be Malibu, other brands are available, but Rum Sunset doesn’t sound as good.

12 oz orange juice

3oz white rum

2 tbsp grenadine

Lime slices for decoration

Elderflower Wine Cocktail

This is a refreshing, grown-up cocktail for those long summer evenings. It’s a little bit different and comes with a hint of sweetness from the elderflower.

White wine

4oz elderflower liqueur

4oz vodka

Fresh Mint


Club Soda