Superhero Weddings

When lockdown is over and weddings get back on track, fun themes definitely need to be the order of the day, and what can be more fun than a superhero themed wedding.

While there may not be many Scarlett Widow or Wonder Woman themed wedding dresses, there are lots of other ways you can incorporate your passion for all things superhero into you wedding from the bold to the subtle and everything in between.


From the beginning, you have choices. If you’re going all out and really embracing the superhero theme, then you can find an invite to match, but if you’re opting for something a little more subtle, then either of these envelope sealers would do the trick.

And for your best man, groomsmen and bridesmaids there are these personalised cards, appropriately themed. Who can refuse this call to arms?


There are lots of fun ways to bring your theme into the clothes people wear, whether it is something like these awesome cufflinks or unique Lego superhero themed buttonholes for your principal men, or something bolder like these shirts.


We’ve talked about paper flowers before. They are a form of recycling, there’s minimal waste and they’re a really unique idea. Here, you can either mix them in with real flowers or just have the paper ones. Using old comics for flowers gives them a really colourful touch too.

Table Decorations

And don’t forget to properly decorate your venue. You can co-ordinate your seating plan with the place settings and table names to incorporate your theme while also using props, table confetti made from comics and these favours to finish your look.


And don’t forget your cake. You can opt for something with only a nod to your theme, such as those with superhero themes on the back so you can surprise your guests when they think you have a traditional style cake. Or you can go all out and have each tier as a homage to your favourite characters. Whatever you choose, the splash of colour will be eye catching and memorable. And if you don’t want a full cake, then you can just have a topper which are both cute and fun.

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