Surviving Wedding Fairs

We’ve looked at some of the events we have organised for brides over the coming year, so now I’m looking at what you need to do to get the best out of them. Whether this is your first wedding fair or thirtieth, you need to prepare, so here are some things for you to get ready before the day.


There will be lots of suppliers at the wedding fairs covering all areas from stationery to food, car hire and cocktails. This is a great opportunity to sound the suppliers out, understand what they can do and discuss your wedding dreams. Talking to someone is the best way to find out if you can work with them. No question will be too silly for them. If you have something on your mind, now’s the time to ask it!


Whatever you do, don’t take snacks. There will be lots of caterers at the fairs, all keen for you to try their food. Having small samples from each of the caterers at wedding fairs is a great way to work out your short list.

Wedding Helpers

Invite the people helping you prepare your wedding along too. A second or third opinion is invaluable in these situations. They can be a critical friend and stop you getting carried away in the moment.


Take a pen with you. In fact, take two, just in case. Once you’ve spoken with someone, take their leaflet, and make some notes on it. Not essays, just a few notes to remind you of your conversation. It will act as a prompt later on when you’re going through everything trying to make some decisions.


Don’t wear heels unless you can run a marathon in them. That’s a statement I never thought I’d say, but it’s true. You’ll do so much walking that you want to be comfortable, and that could mean trainers or low heels over stilettos. Your feet will thank you for it later.

I love these events, everyone is so friendly and enthusiastic to talk about their products. It also gives you an opportunity to see Capesthorne Hall decorated for a wedding and get some inspiration. See you there.

All pictures are from the wedding fair in May 2018 courtesy of Brides Up North.

If you can’t wait until our next Wedding Fair on 19th May, why not come along to our Open Day on Sunday 17th February 2019 – Wedding Open Day