Sustainable Favours

Whether you’re having a vegan wedding, or catering for vegan guests, I’ve found online artisan marketplaces like Etsy and Yumbles are the best for sustainable favours. They have such a wild selection of little gifts to give as favours you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Chai Cups

These cups are decorative little gifts. Ethically sourced and sustainably farmed, they are vegan friendly and come in a variety of different teas and drinks, so you can mix and match for your guests tastes.


Candles are a no-no for vegans because they’re made from beeswax, but swapping to ones made from soy means you can still have these little luxuries. These rose and vanilla ones from Witchwood Candles are vegan friendly and plastic free.

Mini Spirits

As we saw on our Vegan Drinks blog, most spirits you can buy in the UK are vegan friendly. Here are some gorgeous little bottles of fruit liqueurs made from handpicked fruits and flowers, and they’re locally and ethically sourced.


Not forgetting any younger guests, these bags of sweets are fun, colourful and vegan friendly. They’re also perfect for older guests with a sweet tooth.


Chocolate is not out of bounds for vegans. You just need to replace certain ingredients, like cows milk with rice milk. These elaborately decorated little boxes contain two vegan friendly, organic chocolates and can be personalised with your own little message.


And what list of vegan products is complete without a look at soaps. Vegan friendly and palm oil free, these adorable little unicorns will bring cleaning magic into your life without harming the environment.


I’ve saved my personal favourite for last. These little tins are full of botanicals used for enhancing gins. They can be personalised for your big day and there are different blends available and instantly usable.

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