Table of Treats

A great trend for weddings in 2018 we can all get on board with is a dessert table. Having a table of treats focused around your cake will delight your guests and add extra sparkle and spectacle. Think beyond your traditional wedding cake. The list of sweet treats is endless.


Retro sweets are making a huge comeback and are easily obtainable online. Make a list of your favourites and create a bright and vibrant sweet stall guaranteed to bring back all the memories of childhood.


You know the advert where guests are served a pyramid of round gold chocolates? Imagine that, but instead of chocolates, there is a choice of doughnuts. Ringed, iced, jam, custard or chocolate filled doughnuts. A doughnut pyramid is a spectacle that will delight everyone as well as bringing an element of light hardheartedness to your breakfast. I mean, who can eat a doughnut without making a mess?!


Maybe you’re a chocolate lover. Who could blame you? If that’s the case, then now is the celebration to go for it. If it’s coated, dipped or hiding chocolate, then use it to create a heavenly table of everything chocolatey and wonderful.


Biscuits are a different option. Sweet or savoury, fruity or chocolatey, biscuits are a versatile option. Serve them on their own or mix them in with other desserts, having different types of biscuits at your wedding is a unique dessert idea.

Cheese Board

This is a brave idea and one worth considering. Go rogue and don’t have traditional desserts, go savoury. Have a large selection of cheeses with a variety of crackers, chutneys, grapes, and celery to go with them and everyone will be happy.

Any of these options would give you a standout dessert selection that your guests will talk about for years to come. You can also mix them to make sure you have all your favourite dishes on your special day.