Thank You Gifts

At your wedding, you will want to thank some people for their help with the preparations and support. And while everyone loves flowers (I certainly do) they don’t last. Here are a few different ideas for thank you gifts that people are bound to treasure forever.

Personalised Gifts is a great place to find personalised gifts. Anything from champagne flutes, jewellery, bathrobes, socks, even favourite songs in visual form can be found as well as things you haven’t even considered. If you want to give them something that will always remind them of your wedding, personalise it with your own special message. And who knows what wonderful little presents you’ll find for yourself?

A Photo Album

This is a lovely idea for a keepsake. You can bring together all the pictures of you and the special person you want to thank in one book. You can choose pictures from the run up to the wedding as well as great times you’ve had together, and it will show them how much you value them being in your life.

Experience Day

Rather than a gift, give them an experience, something they want to do. Whether it’s a hot air balloon ride, whisky tasting or a driving experience, it’s something they’ll look back on fondly and always think of you.


Everyone loves a good pamper day, men as well as women. For your bridesmaids or best man who has spent your wedding day running around after you making sure you have anything you need, what about a relaxation treatment. Or afternoon tea where they can unwind and you can join them too.

Make Something

If you are a crafty person, you could make something for your mother, bridesmaid, or best man. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a pair of knitted gloves, a painting, or even a poem. Nothing says I love you like you creating a personal unique gift for someone.

Favourite Tipple

As if there isn’t enough to drink at your wedding, you could provide a special bottle to a special person. Whiskey, vodka, gin, wine, there will be special edition bottles which will make a great gift to be savoured when all the wedding madness has died down. Pick a night when you can share it together.


Buy it or make it, personalised or not, your Thank You gift will be special to the receiver. It’s a symbol of your gratitude and affection for them. And remember, it isn’t how much the gift cost, but the thought that went into choosing it.