The Best New Spring Fragrances For Your Wedding Day

The Best New Spring Fragrances For Your Wedding Day

If you are looking for a new fragrance to wear on your wedding day, I have chosen my pick of the best new launches for Spring 2022.

Here first is a little explanation of how a new fragrance is created. . .

The Fragrance Wheel

There are four fragrance ‘families’, each with their own notes, as illustrated in the fragrance wheel above.

The perfumer, known as ‘the nose’ skilfully blends the notes together to create a new fragrance.

Perfumes for Spring and Summer tend to come from the fresh and floral fragrance families.


Here are the top new launches for Spring 2022. . .No 1 De Chanel  L’ Eau Rouge

This beautiful fragrance is soft and subtle, with the scent of red berries.

This is younger and fresher than the traditional No 5, a new classic for the modern woman.

Victor & Rolf – Flowerbomb Ruby Orchid

This is a fruity and floral show stopping fragrance – top notes of peach, freesia, jasmine and ruby orchid, blend into base notes of red vanilla bean and bourbon vanilla.

Elie Saab – Girl Of Now Forever

This long lasting new fragrance from Elie Saab combines raspberry and citrus notes, with rose and black currant blending into sensual cashmere and vanilla.

Chloe – Nomade

Featuring Egyptian jasmine, this is an elegant and feminine fragrance from Chloe.

The jasmine top notes blend into a sensual base of vanilla and sandalwood.Givenchy – Irresistible

An irresistible blend of white roses, orange, and pink pepper combine to make this unique floral and feminine fragrance.

Narcisso Rodriquez – Musc Noir Rose

This stunning new fragrance features top notes of pink peppercorn and noir rose, with a warm heart of musk and luscious plum.

Jo Malone London- Red Roses Cologne

This is a limited edition fragrance from Jo Malone, with notes of red roses, fresh lemon and mint.

Wearing this feels like walking in a rose garden on a spring morning.


Before choosing your wedding day fragrance, I would advise that you test no more than two at a time on your skin, and leave for at least an hour to let the fragrance notes fully develop.

Ask for a sample of your favourites to take home and try before you make your decision.


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