The Bohemian Groom

Bohemian weddings are a statement of a couple’s lifestyle, expressing their individuality and ignoring standard conventions. Their weddings have an adventurous, nature-inspired feel that is romantic and free, like the couple.

Without there being rules, because rules imply conforming, there is a style that bohemian grooms gravitate towards as the perfect expression of themselves.

No Jacket

Think of jackets as an optional extra. You can choose to wear one or not. If you want to ditch the jacket, then waistcoats are ideal as an alternative, relaxed and chic.

Without a jacket, make the shirt your statement, by choosing something coloured and/or patterned. You can even roll your sleeves up.

However, if you do want a jacket, then go for colour. Light, natural colours are often popular, but so are darker colours. You can use your jacket or tie as a splash of brightness.


You can also forgo the tie if you like. An open collar is acceptable, and it goes well with an open waistcoat or jacket if you decide to have one.

If a tie is essential, then go for a bow tie. Choosing a colourful bow tie or one made of Tweed or velvet is a great way to personalise your look.


Boots are just as acceptable for the boho groom as shoes. And they are not restricted by colour, so brown is a good choice to keep in style with those neutral colours.


Patterns and fabrics are a great way to express yourself. Having a velvet jacket is a very definite statement of personality, plus it looks pretty dapper.

Tweed is another option, and both add texture as well as character to your look.


In the middle of a revival, braces, or suspenders, are the accessory of choice over a belt. They are functional, no one wants their trousers falling mid-ceremony. They are stylish too and can be a great place to pin your buttonhole if you don’t have a jacket.


Finish your look with a hat. Fedora, flat cap, trilby, newsboy, all of these types will complement your bohemian wedding. And they are ideal for keeping you cool during hot weddings.

Bride and groom matching hats are a romantic idea reflecting your kindred free spirit relationship.


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