The Perfect Pomander

As you may remember from our blog on the types of bouquets, a pomander is a little round ball of flowers suspended from your wrist by a ribbon. These are special bouquets and to get the perfect look requires forward thinking.

This is becoming a quite unusual choice with today’s trends for statement flowers, and can appear old-fashioned, but if you’re having a vintage wedding then this would be a perfect choice.

Because of the bouquet’s shape, you’ll want round headed flowers; roses, peonies and carnations are your standard, as with most bouquets, but there are plenty of alternatives you could use to stand out.

Dahlia’s and chrysanthemums would be good alternatives. They have big round heads and have amazingly vibrant colours which will work as a splash of colour against your dress. And you can mix and match blooms to have smaller flowers filling the gaps between the bigger ones.

This style typically doesn’t contain a lot of foliage however this is more of a guideline than a rule. Hypericum berries are small and green which would add extra depth and texture to your bouquet. Baby’s breath will give extra size without taking attention away from your main flowers. Thistles will keep the round shape while providing contrast.

You can also play around with the type of material used to fasten your bouquet to your wrist. Ribbon or silk is a standard choice but you could also use strings of pearls or crystals. Lace would work exceptionally well if you were having a vintage wedding.

As the bride, you’ll want a bigger one than your bridesmaids. Or you could have pomanders for your bridesmaids and flower girls while you have a different style.

You could even include extra detail on yours such as a layer of wiring with crystals or pearls over it, so it stands out as yours.

If you can’t decide between a pomander or a hand-tied or cascading bouquet, then pomanders are great for decoration. You can use smaller ones for decorating church pews or large statement ones hanging over each of the tables at your breakfast.

Although these might appear humble arrangements, there is a lot of work to make them and they are versatile, making them a perfect choice for something different.