The Rules of Stag Do’s

Stag do’s have changed a lot over the years. Gone are the days of strippers, too much alcohol and the groom being handcuffed to lampposts. Thankfully.

Nowadays grooms and their friends are savvier than that. In this age of social media, people know anything embarrassing will end up on the internet so they’re opting for more Insta-worthy stag dos.

So, if you’re a best man, or a groom planning your own stag do, here are the new rules for organising the perfect pre-wedding party.

People have varied friendship groups and might want to invite people from different social circles. Having a pre-stag do so everyone can get to know each other beforehand will make for a banging celebration later.

An interesting thing I noticed while looking at stag dos was that, typically, the groom’s friends pay for everything for him, which is slightly different to women who expect the bride to contribute something. I’m more in the camp of the friends paying for the groom/bride. After all, chances are they’ve paid for most of the wedding, the least you can do is give them a good party beforehand. Whatever you decide, work it out up front and get everyone to agree. Awesome experiences are one thing, but it’ll be completely ruined if there’s an argument about payment at the end.

Once something is on the internet it’s usually there forever, and it’s so quick now for any embarrassing moments to be recorded and uploaded. Whatever you decide to do, ask yourself first whether its something you’re happy to share with the world.

I’ve mentioned this before, but I’ll do it again. Gone are the days of forcing the groom to wear a dress on his stag do. Unless he wants to, of course. This is supposed to be a fun experience, so no strippers, no stupid dares and no abandoning him in the middle of nowhere in just his underwear. He is your friend, after all.

Going to Europe for stag do’s is still a thing but rather than heading to Marbella or the Costa, there is a rising trends of stag dos to be a little more cultural. Prague and Budapest are seeing an increase in stag dos because, while they do have an amazing nightlife, they also offer a lot more to do during the day.

It isn’t just hen parties that are looking for unique experiences. Millennials have hit the wedding scene and they want something more than drunken nights in Manchester. In the Cheshire / Manchester area, we have hundreds of experiences to chose from including the Crystal Maze experience, Zombie Uprising, paint-balling and quad biking. If you’re prepared to explore, you’ll find something amazing.

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