The Ultimate Honeymoon Guide

This week we’re looking at the ultimate honeymoon guide, covering everything from firm favourites to surprising choices. Whatever your tastes, there’s definitely something for you here.


Who doesn’t love a good beach holiday? And after the organisation and planning of your perfect wedding, relaxing on a beach drinking cocktails could be just what you need to recharge your batteries.


What better holiday for an animal lover than a safari? You can see the biggest land mammals in their natural habitat up close and personal. Whether you love big cats, elephants, or the huge migrating herds of zebras and wildebeest, a safari is a magical experience. And at night, without light pollution from the towns and cities, you’ll have an unrivalled view of the night sky.

Back packing

Like a road trip, this type of holiday calls to the adventurer in everyone. Get away from the main tourist areas, and explore those beautiful places known only to the locals. This is the honeymoon for the thrill seekers and explorers.

Road Trip

Pick a continent, beginning and ending locations, and then just go with it. You’re in charge of all aspects of this holiday including how often you stop and where. You see a road sign for a landmark or point of local beauty you didn’t know about, you stop. It’s like back packing with a car and you’re more likely to see things you would never have discovered on a more traditional package holiday.


This sort of honeymoon guarantees a complete unwind. Days spent in Jacuzzis or saunas with head to toe massages, facials, body wraps, and beauty treatments will make your honeymoon a luxurious experience of true bliss.

Colder Climates

How about packing up your winter wardrobe and heading up north to some of the wildest places on earth. Whether it’s the Alaskan wilderness or the magic of Reykjavik with the Aurora Borealis, nothing encourages snuggling up with your new husband than some cold weather. Plus, with colder places, there’s always the added bonus of skiing. Never forget skiing!


I am a big fan of staycations for lots of reasons. I don’t need to worry about travel insurance, changing currency or airport delays. More than that, the British countryside is beautiful with lots of hidden gems up and down the country. Why not have a staycation and explore a part of your own country you might never have considered before?


Cruises are not just the remit of the older generations anymore. These super ships are floating cities. They have all the restaurants, entertainment and relaxation you could want. The ultimate getaway, (because who’s going to get hold of you in the middle of the ocean?) a luxurious cruise could be the perfect, romantic holiday after your wedding.

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