Tips for a Winter Wedding

Winter weddings are magical affairs, full of romance and seasonal excitement. However, there are some weather and temperature issues that we shouldn’t ignore if we want the perfect winter wedding. Last week, we looked at styles of coats ideal for keeping warm, and this week we’re exploring other things to consider so the cold won’t affect your day.


I’m going to start with brides and the most unromantic thing in the world, wearing warm underwear. During the colder months, I think tights are a must. And the best part is, they will be under your dress, so no one is going to know.Skincare

The change in weather means it’s even more important to stay on top of our skincare regime. Ensure you have lip balm, hand cream, and moisturising foundation with you on the day, so you can stay on top of your look and stop your skin drying out.Shoes

You should also take into consideration the likelihood the ground will be slippy. Boots are a good option, not just because they have good soles, but also because they will keep your toes warm. Find our blog on wedding boots here.Outwear

A coat or wrap is a great idea during these colder months, and not just for you. Make sure you remember to accessorise your bridesmaids with wraps or cloaks too.


Temperature can be a visual thing, so using the right colours can put people in the right frame of mind. Burgundy reds, evergreens and tartans are ideal for this time of year. Or bedazzle everyone with glitter and create the perfect party atmosphere.Hot Drinks

Keeping our core warm helps us ward of the cold, so serving hot drinks to your guests on arrival is a great idea. Teas and coffees, mulled wine, hot cider and hot chocolate are all great choices and there should be something for everyone.

The same with the food. The more you can provide that is hot, the less your guests will notice the temperature.

Keeping Dry

And perhaps the most important thing to do is make sure everyone has a way to keep dry. There is nothing worse than cold and wet. Whether you use umbrellas or wall-less gazebos with heaters, make sure there is somewhere for your guests to avoid any rain.

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