Top Table Solutions

Traditionally, wedding top tables should seat your chief bridesmaid and best man, the parents of the married couple, and the bride and groom. That’s eight people in total.

Family dynamics have changed since the top table was first introduced. For example, parents could have remarried meaning choosing who goes on the top table is a delicate balance of tradition versus not upsetting anyone.

However, there are solutions around this, so today we’re looking at how to keep everyone happy.

Trestle Tables

This idea works well if you have an extended close family. There are more seats, so you can fit more people around them.

Also, no one is on the end as they might be on a traditional top table, as there is no end, just corners, which is far more sociable.

If you arrange all the tables for the rest of your guests in this style too, then it won’t stand out as anything usual.

Table for Two

Do away with a top table for eight, and just have one for two. By seating yourself and your partner at a special table the attention is on you, as it should be, and your parents can sit where they will feel most comfortable.

Another way to make sure people aren’t unintentionally offended is to use something like flowers, or precious stones, to identify tables instead of numbers.

Circular Tables

Circular tables also work well if you’re trying to sensitively organise a seating plan. And have your top round table in the middle of your guests. It further removes an unintentional offence because you are closer to people than if you’re were sat at one end of the room.

Plus, it gives you more chance to talk to people.

Ditch the Seating Plan

Modern couples are choosing to ditch the formality of the seating plan and allow guests to sit where they want, including yourself. Doing it this way means there are more opportunities for mingling, you won’t be upsetting anyone, and it naturally promotes a more dynamic, free-flowing atmosphere to your day.


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