Top Tips For Writing Your Speech

Making a wedding speech can be an intimidating experience, especially if you are not accustomed to speaking in public. Here are my top tips not only for getting it  right, but also for making a great impression, and keeping calm and confident.


Open with a great question or statement

This will grab the attention of the audience, and bring them into your speech effortlessly. You want to involve them instantly in your speech, not turn them off by talking about how nervous you are. Focus on your audience and how you want them to feel, this will deflect any anxiety you are feeling and allow you to speak confidently.

Practice In Advance

The more you prepare in advance, the more confident you will be on the day. The more you practice, the more you will remember your main points. This will give you the confidence to look into the crowd and make eye contact every so often. If you find this difficult, look over the crowd and imagine you are speaking to someone at the back of the room.

Keep Off The Alcohol

It can be tempting to have a drink before your speech, but it is better to keep off the alcohol beforehand. If you feel it would help your nerves, limit yourself to one glass of champagne.

Be Yourself

Keep things heartfelt and warm, express your genuine feelings, and just be yourself. This will mean you come across naturally, and your audience will sense this too.

Keep It Short

The ideal speech will last a maximum of five minutes, try not to speak for too long as you may lose the interest of your audience. Make some short notes to refer to as this will keep you on track. Referring to an amusing story from the past is fine, but whatever you do don’t embarrass the Bride or Groom.

Propose a Toast

Remember to conclude your speech by thanking relevant people in the room, and finish by inviting everyone to raise their glasses and join in a toast.


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