Travelling Taste Buds

A hot trend for this year is serving food from around the world for your wedding breakfast or the evening reception. Whether it’s your favourite dish from that once-in-a-lifetime holiday or a local delicacy you discovered whilst travelling, share it with your guests and take their taste buds on a journey.


Chicken Tikka Masala is one of the nations favourite dishes. Curry is so versatile, with different strengths and cooking methods and a huge range of side dishes, there’s sure to be something for everyone whether they prefer their curries hot or mild.


Everyone thinks of sushi when taking about Japanese food but there is so much more. Tempura coated meats, fish, or vegetables. Steamed buns. Noodles and rice. It’s more than just raw fish and is a personal favourite cuisine of mine. Your wedding could be someone’s first experience of the fresh taste of Japanese food.


This one could be messy, so napkins are a must. Your guests will have loads of fun creating their own fajitas or tacos with a variety of fillings, as much or as little guacamole as they like, and all the chocolate covered churros they can fit on a plate.


Everyone has their favourite Chinese meal and there are a variety of dishes and sides, so you will definitely cover all tastes. Serving a Chinese buffet as either your wedding breakfast or as evening food is definitely a crowd pleaser.


Mediterranean food is perfect for a summer wedding. Light, fresh tasting dishes, perfect for sharing and not heavy on the stomach either. With a good mix of meat, fish, and great vegetarian dishes, you’ll please everyone. And nothing tastes as good as an authentic Greek kebab.


Spanish cuisine food encourages social eating. Whether it’s a large paella or lots of tapas dishes, you’re bound to cater for everyone. And Spanish food caters for vegetarians naturally with lots of quality meat-free dishes.

There are plenty of cuisines I haven’t mentioned; Thai, French, German, Italian, New Orleans. Each of these cuisines will bring something different to your wedding; a memorable feast for your guests and all the things that matter to you for your big day.

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