Two Holidays and a Banquet

Looking forward to 2020, there are some trends that are starting to stand out from all the other wedding ideas.


We’ve been ahead of the curve when it comes to looking at making your wedding vegan friendly with our series of blogs earlier this year. As awareness grows, more people adopt these lifestyle changes to minimise their impact on the environment. Even if the bridal couple aren’t vegan, we’re still respectful of other people’s choices so don’t be surprised if vegan menu options start appearing on your invites. For more information why not contact The Vegan Society.


A minimoon is a smaller, UK based holiday before a bigger honeymoon abroad, and this is starting to grow in popularity. Weddings are expensive, and when you add honeymoons to the cost, prices can seem astronomical. By having a smaller holiday after the wedding, you can still have a break straight after your celebrations but save up for your proper honeymoon, making finances easier on you.

There are also lots of benefits to staying in the UK, and not least because you’ll get to enjoy some of our beautiful landscape which draws tourists from all over the globe. You can always save your abroad honeymoon for a more settled time.


There is a mindset among millennial’s of “the more the merrier” and this is starting to come through in the honeymoons. People are more likely to go on holiday with their friends than they were a few years ago. As your friends have been there for all your ups and downs, it seems only right that they’re there to make your honeymoon even more special.


Wondering what to serve at your wedding, here is a trend I can completely get behind; gin. As gin has risen in popularity, so has the number of brides serving it as the main drink. And after all, there is no law that says you have to have champagne or prosecco for your toasts. You can have a large glass of gin and tonic. That would be my preference.

Here at Capesthorne Hall we have had several gin themed weddings this year. Our contracted caterers can help with all of your food and beverage requirements.