Unique Seating Plan Displays

By the time everyone’s sitting down for the wedding breakfast, they’re probably pretty hungry. A good table plan is essential to help everyone find their seats quickly. Here are some fantastic ideas for your wedding, some fun, others elegant or rustic, but all unique and eye-catching.

I love this seating plan for its contemporary design. The frosted glass is handwritten to your specifications which makes it a complete one-off for your special day.

This is a very modern design and font so you can tie it in with your theme. Your venue should be able to supply you with an easel but check with them before ordering your plan.

This table seating plan is made from oak and uses lasers to cut the name of your tables and guests into the wood for that perfect finish.

If you want to do it yourself then this board is the one for you. With rustic charm, the canvas front has fairy lights zig zagging across the front and you attach the seating plan on it.

Using large decorative mirrors to display your seating plan is a rising trend with a huge wow-factor. They are different, bring extra light to the room, and will give you a lasting keepsake once your wedding is over.

Board games are making a come back as we ditch the phones for interactions that are more personal in nature. This seating plan uses the family favourite ‘Monopoly’ (or not depending on how badly people sulk when they lose) for a fun, eye-catching design.

If you and your partner bonded over computer games then embrace your shared love with this gaming themed seating plan using the Playstation games of your choice.

For the science lovers among us this is the ideal table plan. With a handy key at the top making it easy to read, your guests will have no problems finding their place.

I’ve saved my favourite two for last. I adore the 3D effect and the imagery. The frame comes in either white or black depending on which works best for your theme.

For me, the only thing that really matters is that someone turns up, not where they sit, and that’s why this one is my personal favourite. You can use it for your ceremony and your breakfast, giving your guests the freedom to sit where they feel the most comfortable and mingle as they please.

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