Valentines Weddings

Is there anything more romantic than a Valentines wedding? Probably not. So, if you’ve set your big day for around the middle of February, here’s some planning inspiration.


Some colours scream romance and Valentines Day; reds and pinks. Pink is for romance, red is for passion. The good things is it doesn’t matter which you choose, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to theming your wedding. Hearts are also an essential part of a Valentines wedding.

Any of these invitation designs would be a great choice for a Valentines wedding.


The thing with people is we’re not one size fits all. We all have different colours that suit us and some colours we need to steer well clear of. The great thing about having either reds or pinks for your bridesmaids is you can blend them. You can give your bridesmaids the steer of red and let them pick the shade that will suit them. Or you can mix and match pinks and reds for a truly passionate, romantic look.


There’s something about a man in a tuxedo that’s special. A man all in black is the perfect balance for you all in white. I also think there’s something less fussy about a tuxedo than a traditional morning suit. There are less elements, giving a tuxedo a powerful, classical look.


There is only one flower for a Valentine’s Day wedding; roses. Whatever shade of pink or red you want, there will be a rose to match. And you can go simple, one rose, or big and have hundreds of them. Either way, they’re the only flower to have.


This is where you can really go to town. You have so many options it’s impossible to know where to stop.

Balloons filled with hearts or heart-shaped will create a perfect look and wow your guests when they arrive at your venue.

Romantic favours are perfect little treats your guests won’t know whether to keep or eat.

Bunting and table decorations will complete your look, showing you’ve taken care of every detail. These little touches will create a perfect Valentines wedding no one will ever forget.

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