Vegan Cakes

Veganism is a lifestyle movement that is growing every day and for good reason. Vegans only eat plant-based foods, a dietary choice based on their fundamental believes. Along with meat and fish, this includes cutting out dairy products and meat-based derivatives. We’ve looked into some fantastic vegan cakes for your wedding on today’s blog.

Anyone who knows anything about cakes, and I am including those of us who’ve watched at least one episode of Great British Bake-Off, will realise that cakes are full of animal products. Butter and eggs are the two that spring to mind straight away.

If you are one of the many people in the UK who are vegan, or if you have friends who are then, as these pictures show, you can still have a stunning and tasty cake without compromising your ethics.

Butter and eggs provide moisture to the cake, necessary for the right texture. There are lots of plant-based substitutes which will do the same job, fruit purees or apple cider vinegar. Soya milk is also a good substitute for the missing dairy products.

Most chocolate is full of milk and so not suitable for a vegan wedding cake. However, there are lots of other wonderful flavours for you to choose from. Fruit is an obvious choice and there’s such a variety that you’re not compromising on taste by missing out the chocolate.

Of course, something you may not know is that dark chocolate is vegan. It contains no milk so having a vegan cake doesn’t mean you can’t have chocolate. This is literally having your chocolate vegan cake and eating it.

And as with all wedding cake bakers, these are bespoke to you. These are not standard cakes you can get anywhere. Your baker will still be a dedicated crafts-person, committed to making beautiful cakes to the highest quality, incorporating your design ideas with your beliefs.

Personally, because I’m that sort of person, I wouldn’t tell my non-vegan friends until they had eaten it and were raving about how good it tastes. Sometimes, adults can be as bad as children for not trying new things, but the proof is in the tasting. I’d challenge them to taste the difference because they won’t be able to with these amazing cakes.

Our recommended cake suppliers would be more than happy to create a stunning vegan cake for your wedding. Why not give them a call – Recommended Suppliers

The Vegan Society can also help with information and guidance –The Vegan Society