Vegan Wedding Ideas

We’ve looked at drinks, cakes, favours and make-up for vegan weddings, but there is still more you can do to minimise your use of animal products. This is the final blog in the series and we’re looking at a few other vegan wedding ideas such as clothes, flowers and favours.


There are certain materials you’ll need to stay away from for your clothes. Silk for dresses, wool and leather for suits. Check the label before trying anything on so you don’t run the risk of falling in love with something you can’t wear. The same goes with your shoes.

Alternatively, get a pre-loved dress. It won’t cost the environment any more and, if you’re following tradition, can class as your something old.

And for your jewellery, stay away from pearls and you shouldn’t have a problem.


Things have changed a lot now and people aren’t offended if you ask for money for your wedding. You can put it towards your honeymoon or donate it towards your favourite animal or wildlife charity.

Another option is to buy things for your house in keeping with your ethos. I’m not suggesting you replace perfectly good items, that would be counterproductive. But if there is anything you’ve been putting off replacing, then use the money from your friends and family to make the ethical switch.

Tupperware is another idea. Boring, yes, but crucial for reducing our plastic usage and properly durable. Tupperware is not cheap but consider it for outdoors, like picnics and shopping, and glass jars for inside the house. Use silicone instead of plastic as, despite their commonalities, silicone is much better for the environment being more durable and it doesn’t degrade in the sea or sun.


Flowers are a funny one for me. Clearly, they are not animals, but insects live off them. In a lifestyle where you are trying to reduce your impact on other living things, removing the habitat of living creatures for one day seems hypocritical. Silk flowers are not an option but potted plants are. You’re not cutting down a plant, you’re cultivating a life that will benefit the environment and other creatures. The perfect keepsake.

Unless you’re already living a vegan lifestyle, trying to make all the changes in these series of blogs might be a step too far when you’re already stressed. As with any significant changes to your life, pick a couple of things to change and build from there. Whatever changes you make, however small you might think they are, all add to reducing our impact on the environment.

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