Veiled Hats

When looking for headwear for your wedding, you could be forgiven for thinking you only had two choices; veils or tiaras. However, there is a third choice that is perfect for a modern chic wedding, veil hats.

If you’re having a civil ceremony, then you might feel a big veil or tiara is a bit much. Wearing one of these hats still gives you a veil, but one more appropriate for your type of wedding if you’re having civil ceremony or a fuss free day.

This style of veil is a birdcage veil because the squares are much bigger than a traditional wedding veil. The style was first used in the 1930s and has been popular ever since.

This is a versatile style because it works with trouser suits and dresses. For a trouser suit, it completes the modern look, giving you the extra wow factor. Yet it also finishes your look if you’re having a vintage dress.

Depending on the style of hat holding the veil in place, you could have either an art deco style dress, long silhouettes and beads, or a 1950s style tea dress. Both styles are incredibly feminine and give you a unique look that will set you aside from other brides.

But don’t be restricted by those styles of dresses. Birdcage veils come in as many different styles as wedding dresses with some being more fascinators than hats. You could have one as a standout piece for a simple dress, or as non-attention stealing headwear for a statement dress.

You are also not restricted on colour. Yes, there are white and ivory options but there are also gold ones or others decorated with colourful flowers or gems.

As well as their individuality, I love these for their reusable qualities. You can wear them for other weddings, check first that the bride isn’t doing something similar though! They are also perfect for going to Ladies Day at the races, baptisms, graduations, any day event really. And every time you wear it, you will have all the fond memories of your big day.