Video Mapping

Technology gives us new and exciting options when planning weddings and one of those is video mapping. This is an idea that rising in popularity and it’s easy to see why.

The idea is to project videos of you and your partner on the walls of your venue to tell your story. It requires a little work to make the most of it, but I promise it will be worth it.

The first thing to do is get the videos. To get the best ones you need a wide pool to pick from. Ask your family and friends to send you any footage they have of the two of you. You’ll remember events you’d forgotten as well as see others from a different perspective.

Once you have the videos you want to use, you need to organise them into longer sections. At this point, it’s best to understand what space your venue has to accommodate your wedding movies, so you know how many you can have. This is where Capesthorne Hall is the perfect venue in Cheshire for weddings. Our Lakeside Wing has large light spaces for you to project whatever you want on. Even the ceiling.

Once you understand your space, you can group your videos into whatever arrangement you like. Here are some ideas for how you can organise your videos.

  • Chronological order starting from when you met up until the day before your wedding.
  • Friends and family.
  • Events, keeping all your Christmases separate from all your birthdays, Easters and Halloweens.
  • Other life events like friends’ weddings and christenings of any children you have as guests.
  • You can also use stills if there’s an image you love but don’t have footage of. Or you could have one projector of just pictures.

The next thing you have to do is get projectors. You can borrow these from friends and family, we all know people who have them, or you can buy them. They are reasonably priced, and you can always use them again. Have a trial run first to ensure you know how to use the equipment and show the videos when the light is dark to ensure maximum visibility.

I think video mapping is a wonderful idea, perfect for weddings and a great way to entertain guests and they’re good conversation starters. Everyone will enjoy reminiscing your fondest moments with you.

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