Wedding Cake Toppers

OK, so weddings are on hold for a while. It’s not the end of the world though, it means you have more time to plan, source what you want and give self-employed people some business. Everyone wins. Today, I’m looking at wedding cake toppers and moving away from the traditional figures of couples.

Looking for something different to two figures on a cake, I found these wire cake toppers which are twisted into the lettering you want. You can use your initials.

Or you can extend it out to Mr and Mrs, Mr and Mr, or Mrs and Mrs for something fitting for your relationship.

This love gate is a different type of topper. I like its 3D effect without it being a couple, and it is personalised to you with your names. It’s ideal for a naked or floral cake because it is less formal yet is very romantic.

OK, so I said no figures, but I did mean ones of a man and woman. These ones with two flamingos are super cute in their heart shaped pose.

Or these adorable knitted mice for something different, and like all these toppers they are great as mementos of your big day.

For rustic weddings, this wooden cake topper is just the thing. It’s a little touch that will really finish off your decorations.

These cake toppers are for individual cupcakes, so you can have a tower of cupcakes instead of one large tiered cake. Or they are great for place settings if you want the cupcakes for favours. The tags are left blank for you to personalise the message.

A little while ago we looked at alternatives to a sponge cake such as a stacked cheese. The great news is you can still have a cake topper like this one here.

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