Wedding Cake Trends for 2020

If you’re looking for inspiration for your wedding cake, then look no further. Here are the most popular wedding cake trends for 2020 according to Instagram and it’s easy to see why couples are loving these styles.

Geometric shapes

When you think about wedding cakes, there are certain ones that we probably think of first. Naked cakes, three-tiered cakes covered in sugar flowers or butterflies. I think that’s why geometric shapes are growing in popularity. They are striking which makes them stand out from the crowd and you can combine geometrics with more tradition floral designs.


Last year, we looked at how mosaics were being used in innovative ways in weddings, such as name places and table settings. They were also popular in cakes and this is showing no signs of slowing down in 2020. They work great with bold colour designs to really show off the mosaic design.


While some florals themes are overdone, there are some fresh new ways you can use flowers in your wedding cake. These designs use fresh, edible flowers imbedded in your cake as natural decoration. I love this idea as an extension of the naked cake, stripping back the elaborate designs for some understated elegance.


Also moving away from standard floral designs is to use ferns and foliage over flowers. This brings a lush, vibrant feel to your cake and you can have local products rather having them transported from other locations.


Cake makers are artists as any of us who have ever baked will know. It’s not just about making the cake, but also the favour and decoration. Couples are opting to let their cake maker demonstrate all their skills by hand painting their cakes for intricate designs. This is going to give you a cake like no other, unique as well as stunning.

And I’ve added this one on the end for its sheer fabulousness in 3D for added wow factor.