Wedding Cupcakes

Suppose you’re reducing the number of guests at your wedding based on the most recent Covid restrictions. In that case, you may think that a traditional wedding cake is a bit of a waste. After all, they’re designed with a full wedding party in mind, if you’re only allowed 30 people at your reception, why do you need a cake that caters for 120 people? This is where cupcakes save the day.

Rather than one big cake, you order exactly the number of cupcakes you need. This saves on waste.

Often, caterers can deliver locally. You could have a cupcake delivered to grandparents or friend who can’t attend because they are shielding. It’s a nice touch meaning they can be there in spirit and join in. Check with your caterer if this is an option.

In this particular climate, keeping our distance is essential even though it is hard to do, especially at a wedding. Having individual cupcakes reduces a gathering around a cake because they require minimal touching.

Cupcakes are so versatile, and their bakers are artists. You can have your cupcakes matched to your theme or flowers, even succulents if you’re using that type of plant as table decorations.

They can be even decorated to embrace your wedding’s season in the colours or fruits we would expect to find during that time of year.

And if you’re not a fan of cake yourself, then biscuits are a perfect alternative. They will stand out as something different from other wedding desserts or even a combination of cake and biscuits or even cake pops.

Having cupcakes may come under your cake budget, meaning you can push the boat out on the design. After all, if they’re replacing a grand wedding cake, they should be something magnificent.

A second option is to use any leftover budget in other areas of your wedding like your dress, table drinks, transport or fireworks.

A final option is to save the money. These restrictions will not last forever. Now vaccines are being rolled out, there is an end in sight which means we can start thinking larger gatherings. A second reception for the friends and family who couldn’t attend the actual day is a great way to celebrate both your wedding and the end of this situation, and a tiered cake will be a must!


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